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Healthy Nutritious Baby Formula Recipe
"Gluten-Free, Soy Free, Sugar-Free and Dairy-Free"
Lohra Ballinger, a loyal vegan and determined mother, set out to find the closest alternative to natural breast milk as opposed to feeding Cooper commercialized synthetic Infant formulas. These formulas contain unhealthy ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup (which is often masked under different names on the label) which are extremely harmful causing aging, diabetes, insulin intolerance, and more. To her surprise, even after searching some of the most notable healthy grocery stores, she never found a product that lived up to her standards based on years of research and academic studies in nutrition and nutritional microscopy. Hence, Coopers Recipe was created with the highest level of whole foods ingredients. Upon routine visits to Coopers pediatrician, the doctor informed Lohra that her baby looked extremely healthy and informed her that Cooper surpassed all average milestones for his age. For example, at 10 months Cooper was in the 85th percentile for weight. As Lohra set out to create a baby formula only for her son, word of mouth traveled quickly. Mothers in similar situations, contacted Lohra for help. At that point, Lohra found a new passion for helping other mothers wanting the same solution for their babies too. With this in mind, she sent the formula to a professional and reputable laboratory for rigorous testing. The result... Coopers Recipe was the perfect formula. "See Products" Page. READ MORE...


Author, Lohra E. Ballinger and Cooper
Author, Lohra E. Ballinger and Cooper
Get Satrted Now!!!!
Get Strated NOW!!!!

Maintaining an alkaline diet is a wise healthy choice. Lohra learned about the Alkaline or "PH Diet" when a large fibroid tumor was found in her uterus and was blocking her tubes so she was not able to get pregnant. Instead of surgery, Lohra decided to try the alkaline diet, 12 days later the tumor was gone and three months later she was pregnant. She also felt better, her mind was clear, and she had more energy. It is known that alkaline individuals rarely get sick and it is unheard of to hear about a disease devoping in an alkaline individual. When developing Cooper's Recipe, Lohra was mindful of this using only alkaline ingredients.

To reach alkalinity, one must eat some lower-numbered –PH foods combined with high PH foods (see alkaline food chart on your shopping list) and your blood PH will stabilize at neutral which is 7.345. Someone who eats a highly acidic diet like, brown rice, wheat, meats, and dairy is most likely to have a very acidic blood PH and this is where disease can live. It is a breeding ground for fungus, bacteria, and cancers. Meats are highly acidc foods and the body does not digest meat well because it is insoluble. Meats can be stored in your colon for a possible lifetime! When your body gets too acidic, the acid wills store in your bones and tissues. If you eat meat that is about -30 PH you will have to eat 40 times alkalinity to reach a 7.345. To mantain an alkaline state, you should eat nothing below -5 and a majority of +10 and higher foods. This will keep your body neutral or 7.345. You cannot become too alkaline. The people who are too alkaline (or have a PH above 7.4) are actually in a state of acidity and the body is compensating by trying to make it neutral. This diet is about science and I have seen people cure themselves of many diseases; cancer over and over (including my dog who was diagnosed with cancer and Cushing’s disease who I put on a diet and she was better in 3 weeks), diabetes, lupus, cirrhosis and more. Even if you are not alkaline, it would be in your best interest to feed your baby and children alkaine foods.

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